Smart Phone Monitoring Apps

 Smart Phone Monitoring Apps

Unleash the Truth Without Fatigue and Fuss

If you are getting suspicious about the mobile use of your children, employees, and spouse than it’s time to resolve your problem without any fatigue. May be your kids are sending vulgar messages to their friends. Your employees are cheating on you by sharing your company private information with your competitors. This will give your company unbearable loss. Smartphone monitoring apps is the solution of your problems. It can provide you all data to stop the mobile abusers by proving them in the wrong with proofs. You can use this smartphone monitoring apps if you have a compatible Smart phone like iPhones, BlackBerry, Android, symbian, and Windows Mobile. You can login anywhere from all over the world to see the activities going on.


You install this smartphone monitoring apps straight into the phone you own and want to monitor by using GPRS. It will automatically run at your phone, but remains hidden and does not appear in the running process list. After the smartphone monitoring apps is activated on the target phone, it will record a series of phone operations and then unsoundly upload the information to your own Mobile Spy account through Internet. This cell phone monitoring/smartphone monitoring apps is completely UNDETECTABLE so it is very reliable. Once you install smartphone monitoring apps on your target phone than you don’t need any physical access to the phone. You can monitor it through internet. All the activities are uploaded to your stealth club account.

Features supported: The smart phone monitoring apps provides the following features to you.

SMS LOG: With this software you can access the sent and received messages of your target smart phone. All messages content will be revealed. Your monitored phone has no option of getting out of its control. This means even if the user deletes text messages, you will still see the data on your account.

CALL LOG: All incoming and outgoing call record with call duration can be seen by you.

CONTACTS: The contacts in the phone memory will be viewed by you. Even the newly added contacts record will also be received.

GPS LOCATION: You can see the GPS position after every 30 minutes. A small map will be displayed for your proper understanding.

TASKS: All personal tasks that are created will be logged and viewed by you conveniently.

EVENTS AND MEMOS: The events and memos added in the mobile as reminder with timings will be seen by you.

EMAIL LOG: All emails that are sent and received will be recorded. The data send in it will also be stored.

WEBSITE LOG: The websites visited by your target phone either prohibited or restricted websites record will be stored.

PHOTOS: All photos taken by the phone and even all the photos send by the phone can be viewed.

VIDEOS: The videos made by the smart phone on any event like party etc will be viewed by you. Where to Buy Smart Phone monitoring apps?

There are three major smartphone monitoring apps vendors (Flexispy, Mobistealth and Mobile-spy) available in market so far and they all are offering almost same features but with different price which is a special consideration when you are running short with budget and for the convenience let’s take a look at packages and price plan of these 3 spy software vendors.

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