Track A Cheating Spouse With Phone Spyware

Track A Cheating Spouse With Phone Spyware

Nothing can be more devastating than finding out that your spouse is cheating on you. It can shatter one’s faith, destroy self-esteem, cause immeasurable stress, and wreck havoc with one’s belief in relationships. Rather than living in suspicion and misery, it is important to find out for sure if your spouse is cheating on you and nip the problem at its very root.

However, how can you be sure that your spouse is cheating on you?

The answers to this question will vary from person to person and the present state of your relationship. There are really no one-solution-fits all when it comes to finding out if your spouse is cheating. For instance, some people might hire a private detective and ask him to follow their spouse. Others might be repulsed by the very idea.

One way to find out if your spouse is cheating on you is by using phone spyware to track your cheating spouse. No, this isn’t some software that works like a lie detector. Rather, such software works more like a spy tool, allowing you to verify if your spouse is really where he/she claims to be.

In its most basic form, phone spyware comes in the form of stealth phone tracking software. A cell phone is the most ubiquitous electronic gadget today, and everyone has at least one (excluding the hard-core technophobes, of course). It is also a personal device, meaning that it is carried in one’s hand/pocket/bag all the time. If you know where someone’s cell phone is, you can be pretty sure of his/her location.

Imagine being able to know where your spouse is at any given time. If your spouse says that he/she is going to the grocery store, but you find out through phone spyware that he/she is actually at the local Starbucks, it might be an indicator of infidelity.

Phone spyware as a tracking tool can go much beyond this, though. The higher end software can track everything from the phone’s physical location to all the calls made through the phone, the text messages sent and received, and all the photos taken using the cell phone. This is literally like having a set of eyes and ears observing a cheating spouse’s movements.

So how does phone spyware work?

Phone spyware can be installed on most modern cell phones with a few clicks. Whatever phone you may have – iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Android – you can find appropriate phone spyware for the phone.

Phone spyware usually comes in two flavors: one that notifies the phone user that their phone is being tracked, and the other that remains hidden and works in the background. Obviously, for the purpose of catching a cheating spouse, the latter kind works better.

Once you’ve installed phone spyware, it sends information about the phone’s location through the inbuilt GPS directly to a password protected online account. You can log in to this account and view the phone’s (and by implication, the user’s) current location. This way, you can find out if your spouse is being truthful to you about his/her whereabouts.

More advanced phone spyware offers the whole gamut of spying solutions. You can not only figure out where the phone is located at any given time, but also see the text messages sent and received, listen in on calls, view call records, and see all the photos taken through the cell phone. This is not unlike the spy phones you’ve seen in James Bond movies. The only difference being that it is ridiculously easy to install, and you won’t have to shell out millions of dollars for it.

Phone spyware, or phone tracking/spy software can be easily downloaded online. Prices range from $50 for an entry-level app to $150+ for higher end phone spyware with more powerful tools to catch a cheating spouse.

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