Signs your Spouse, Boyfriend, or Girlfriend is Having an Affair

Signs your Spouse, Boyfriend, or Girlfriend is Having an Affair

The Top Signs of Infidelity

If your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse is cheating on you there will be signs. Cheating is an activity that takes considerable resources and time and it is almost impossible to hide completely. View the list of the top signs of infidelity below and ask yourself if your lover exhibits any of the signs. The more of these signs of cheating in infidelity that your lover displays the more suspicious and concerned you should be.

You already exhibit at the first sign, your suspicions. Chances are if you are suspicious of infidelity then your subconscious mind is picking up on things that don’t quite make sense. Interest in lovemaking. A reduction in the interest of lovemaking on the part of your partner is a big sign. The assumption is that if your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse is cheating they are getting their physical needs met from the person they are cheating with so the interest level in sex from you will drop. A decline in the interest or passion level of affection. Does your lover show less interest in kissing and hugging? Does that kissing and hugging that you do get seem sort of shallow or empty and lacking in passion? Another sign of possible infidelity is a sudden change in your lover’s schedule. Are they all of a sudden coming home later than they used to? any significant change in a schedule should bring the warning bells. A typical excuse to this change in behavior is work related. Closely related is a change in dress or style. Perhaps wearing new cologne or wearing cologne or aftershave at new or odd times. You walk in on your lover while they are on the phone and quite often they have to end the phone conversation immediately. if they have a cell phone chances are the majority of communications with the person they are cheating with is their cell phone. Install SpyBubble cell phone spy and you can capture every phone call, text message, and even their location every minute of the day. A noticeable drop-off in the amount your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse communicates with you. One of the biggest causes of infidelity is communication issues so if your partner is cheating chances are they are doing most of their sharing with the person they are cheating with instead of you. You see signs of defensive behavior and body language in your lover at times when it’s not appropriate like for instance when you ask them where they were. Body language that indicates defensiveness include crossed arms, and feet and knees pointed off to the side instead of pointing toward you. =>Download ‘Catch A Cheater‘ Kit

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